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End of Genocide and Problems Now:

Eventually, the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front captured a major city in Rwanda and another ceasefire was declared.  With this Tutsi capture, along with all the other pressing issues involved with the genocide and the years preceding it, the Rwandan government collapsed.  Just as the Tutsi refugees fled from Rwanda, an estimated two million Hutus sought protection and safety in nearby countries (BBC).  Sadly, the hostilities did not end with the ceasefire and the Tutsi controlled government has twice invaded neighboring nations, claiming it wishes to eliminate the antagonistic Hutu forces being harbored there. In May of 1994, the United Nations admitted the atrocities occurring in Rwanda were genocide and troops were sent in.

Is Resolution Possible?:

  • Hutus and Tutsis need to learn to see each other as neighbors again
  • The two groups need to stop feeling threatened and attacking each other — elimination of rebel groups
  • Bottom up/grass roots problem solving
    • It is necessary for resolution for the Rwandan people to want a change, and to rid themselves of their grudges to see each other as neighbors once again. By wanting this change and pushing their government to implement these changes, resolution and peace could come.
    • Grass Roots Organizations Aiding in Rwanda
    • Global Grassroots
    • Congregations Rebuilding Community in Rwanda

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